A Message From Our Staff:

Dear Complete Homecare clients and staff:

These are un-precedented times for all of us. We would like to thank our clients for their continuing patronage and our caregivers for their dedication and selflessness that enables us to continuously service our clients.

To ensure continuity of administrative services, we have enabled our office staff to work remotely. Appropriate technological solutions are being used to maximize social distancing in all aspects of our back-office work.

A special thank you to all our caregivers – whose bravery in these times enables us to take care of our clients. Please note that we are attempting to stock up with as much PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) as we can get our hands on. Currently, we have a limited supply of masks (including some N95 masks) and a better supply of gloves. Please contact anyone in the office as you need to replenish your stock.

Stay safe and stay healthy!


 Brittany Boyd-Chisholm – Administrator (Lemoyne office)

Cherie Shulick – Administrator (Bala Cynwyd office)

Yong Lee and Vikram Kaul – Owners

Corona Virus (COVID-19) Notice:

The threat of Coronavirus (COVID-2019) is very real and our company has been diligently preparing for the chaos this could cause. Complete Homecare PA is dedicated to the health and safety of our Clients, Administrative staff, and Caregivers. As you may know, the most at risk population is categorized as the aging population and individuals with compromised immune systems. If you are experiencing flu like symptoms, have traveled outside the county, or came in contact with someone who has traveled outside the country please keep our office informed for the safety of our staff. If at any time you begin to have flu like symptoms with a cough or fever we must pull you from your shift and you will not be able to return until you are medically cleared. We understand this is an inconvenience but this is for the safety of our clients.

For any questions about this notice please contact:

Brittany Boyd-Chisholm, Administrator, Complete Homecare PA (Harrisburg), 717-695-0115

Cherie Shulick, Administrator Complete Homecare PA (Philadelphia), 267-519-9885

For additional information and resources, please click on a document below: