Engaging Elderly Home Care Activities for your Senior

March 7, 2018 Complete Homecare

Some meaningful activities can go a long way in giving a happy and healthy environment for the seniors. In the retirement phase, your senior may be bored of sitting idle and spending time alone. The once upon a time relaxation period may be becoming painful for your elderly. This definitely worsens if they are suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s. It will be painful for you to see your loving senior detached and withdrawn. So, planning some engaging activities for your elderly can go a long way in enhancing their mood, lifting their spirits and making them feel much better. If you plan different activities for them, they will stay occupied and it will do wonders to their emotional and physical well-being too. Here are some activities, which you can plan for the elderly with a home health care provider.

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1. Indoor Activities: Make your senior indulge in different board games and puzzles. These are mind stimulating and engaging. They will also benefit with improved motor skills. So, bring different board games and single jigsaw puzzles, which will help in their cognitive development too with home care assistance.

2. Art & Craft: Along with board games, if the senior was always fond of art and craft activities, then it can be a wonderful way of engaging them. It will revive their old passion and help them reconnect with the good old days. From painting to knitting, you can bring them different options, with which they can connect and stay occupied with the senior caregiver.

3. Go Out for a Walk, Exercise: Indoor activities can be planned for the afternoon time, during the morning and evening hours it will be nice to take the elderly out of the house. A walk under the sun will take care of their Vitamin D requirement too. Other than benefiting with healthy bones, going out for a walk can be mood lifting. Along with walk, you can also plan simple exercise and stretches, which can be done with an in home caregiver. It will be pain relieving and have a feel good factor associated with it.

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4. Involve in Household Chores: Along with fun activities, you can instill confidence in them by involving in simple household chores. Sorting laundry or folding clothes will be simple for you, but will give self-assurance to them. You can also involve them in baking and cooking chores with a caregiver support. Nothing major, but mixing ingredients or measuring ingredients will make them feel involved and useful.

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5. Plan Celebrations & Dates: You may feel that your senior remains withdrawn all the time, but you may see them happy and busy meeting people when you plan a celebration at their home. Simply call some family, friends and acquaintances over and see how their mood changes, completely.

With the above means, you can give your senior a happy and busy environment. But, if your own work and time constraints, then our team of professionals at Complete Home Care are there to provide complete senior care services. The team will plan differently, engaging activities for your senior and will take care of them with love and affection. You can share the family albums and the favorite hobbies of your senior and our experts will plan activities around it. To learn more about our services, click here. If you wish to add more activities to the list, please do so in the comments below. We will be happy to add it and take care of your senior in the best possible manner.

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