The feeling of weakness, frailty is often synonymous with growing old. Your seniors may long to fulfill their fancies during their golden years, but the lack of strength and energy frustrates their attempts. One of the primary reason behind this feebleness is the lack of physical activity. As one ages, there is a significant decline in their movement and activities. A Harvard study indicates, “After the age of 25-30, an average man’s maximum attainable heart
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In a technologically driven era, your older adults are also increasingly becoming tech-savvy. It makes their life a lot easier. From connecting with you and your kids online to carrying out a financial transaction, by getting technologically literate, they can do many tasks on their own, from the comfort of their home. However, this often comes at a cost as they are increasingly becoming vulnerable targets of cyber-criminals. In a technologically driven era, your older adults
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It is time of the year to celebrate; it is time for merrymaking and rejoicing. With the holiday season upon us, hosting brunches and dinners, meeting friends and family will all be in the pipeline. That’s the beauty of this season. It gives you a chance to meet your loved ones, enjoy your favorite preparations and have a joyous time. However, you must make all the plans keeping in mind your aging senior’s requirements. With
Your aging senior may be complaining of muscular or joint pains, and the doctor will diagnose it as a condition of arthritis. The term arthritis is a general one, which refers to different “musculoskeletal conditions” affecting the muscles, bones, and joints. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, arthritis affects nearly 36% of obese American adults. The body weight is directly related to overall body health. The excess weight stresses the joints causing
Elderly Dehydration
subtly impact your senior’s life. Dehydration is one such disease that can show subtle signs in the beginning. If they go unnoticed and dehydration gets severe, it can leave your seniors in a miserable state. Dehydration occurs when your ageing adults lose more water as compared with water intake. A human body requires enough water to regulate body temperature, maintain pressure and for releasing toxins from the body. But a state of severe dehydration can

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