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Pennsylvania Homecare Services

We are currently able to offer services in the following counties: Philadelphia, Dauphin, Cumberland, Lebanon, Lancaster, Perry, Bucks, Chester, Montgomery, and Delaware.



Personal Care Services

Our personal care services are all about assisting you with personal grooming, hygiene and everyday medication. Services covered under personal care are:


  • Bathing
  • Shaving
  • Dressing
  • Grooming
  • Medication Assistance


Days seem longer when you’re home alone. Call Complete Homecare’s housekeeper / companion to manage household chores and keep you company. Our employees are efficient and reliable caregivers, trained to meet your needs. So, whether you’re looking for assistance or great conversations at home, get in touch with us!

Hospital Accompaniment

We understand that hospital visits and stays are not easy. Which is why our personal caregiver is always there to hold your hand through the entire process. As part of Complete Homecare’s Hospital Accompaniment service, we help you pack for the hospital, arrange transport, check you in, make your stay comfortable, keep your family updated, see you through the discharge process and take you back home.

General Services

Complete Care

Complete Homecare, Harrisburg, delivers complete homecare, covering a varied range of personal services. Whether it is tidying up your home, reading you poems, checking you in at a hospital, or being your travel companion, we derive satisfaction from your happiness. You can choose from the following services, based on your requirement:


  • Personal Care
  • Housekeeper /At-home Companion
  • Hospital Accompaniment
  • Transport
  • Travel Assist

Appointment Assist

Keeping up with doctor’s appointments and social engagements is easy with Complete Homecare’s Transport Assistance. Our personal caregiver will pick you up, take you to the venue, wait on you and drop you back at home. No more missed appointments! Kindly note that the gas / fuel expenses have to be borne by you.

Travel Assist

Do you love travelling but feel tied down because of your age or physical disability? Call Complete Homecare’s Travel Assistant to have a hassle-free experience and make the most of your trip. As with appointment assistance, the travel expenditure of the accompanying Complete Homecare representative has to be paid by you.

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Philadelphia: 267.824.4444

Harrisburg: 717.695.0115

Kingston: 570.712.2050