5 Ways to Effortlessly Take Care of Elderly Parents While Raising Kids

November 2, 2018 Complete Homecare

Are you juggling between work and home, ageing parents and kids? Are you a part of the “Sandwich Generation”? It is a term coined by Dorothy Miller in 1981 to describe women in their 30s and 40s who were primary caregivers of their ageing elderly and young children. However, today this sandwich generation includes men and women from their 30s to 60s. Studies indicate that this sandwich generation is one of the fastest growing population of America. According to the Pew Research Center, nearly 50% of the adults, have ageing elderly and kids to support, and often find themselves sandwiched between home and office, parents and kids. Over a period, it can become daunting, a financial and emotional stressor. Here are five ways of easing the task of taking care of parents and managing kids.

1. Talk and Delegate Tasks: Before you decide to become the caregiver of your parents, talk to your spouse, kids and siblings. It is a big responsibility, and everyone needs to agree and extend support. Talk to your spouse and kids, if they approve of the idea of living with your parents? Discuss the positives and negatives, and decide as a family. Along with spouse and kids, you should also talk about senior care with your siblings and ask them to share responsibility. If you and your spouse are taking care of the parents at home, ask a sibling to manage the doctor appointments, the other ones to take care of the finances and like.

2. Home Remodeling for Senior Safety: Once you decide to move your parents in your home, start proofing it and making it easy for your seniors to move around. Add bars in the bathroom and railing in the stairway. Rearrange cupboards in the kitchen and keep snacks and food at an accessible height. Bending or using a stool to reach out to a box can be difficult for your elderly. Besides, remove rugs from the passage and have the space well-lit to avoid any untoward incident. These small yet significant means will come useful for you and your seniors. Moving around the house will become comfortable and convenient for them and reduce your load as an elderly caregiver.

3. Make Children a Part of the Process: You should not conceal things from your kids. They are aware and alert and can help in age-appropriate ways. They can keep your ageing parents engaged while you are at work and inform you in case of an emergency. You should communicate with them and include them in the process. It will make them feel important and also limit the impact on children and they will be helpful in their own, little yet useful ways.

4. Take Care of Yourself, Be Gentle: The airplane safety spiel of securing your oxygen mask before you help someone else also holds for you when you perform the dual task of caregiver of parents and children. It would help if you spared some time for yourself every day. Whether it is going for that early morning jog or going to the gym, you should include some time for yourself in your everyday schedule. Taking care of your health is a pre-requisite in such a situation.

5. Seek Respite with Home Care Service: If taking care of parents while raising kids is taking a toll on you, then it is essential that you seek respite with home care providers. You should look for a professional, senior home care service and give some time off to yourself.

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